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From beginners to professionals, Maui Dawn Patrol can help you design a custom board, built specifically for you and your needs. Dave Peterson will work with you to create the best board for your surfing ability!

When designing a custom board, there are may design factors to consider. First and foremost is the overall design template that defines the "outline" of your board. The design template will make a big difference in the performance of your board.

The length of your board is the measurement from tip to tail. Longer boards provide more floatation and make it easier to paddle and catch waves early. A slightly shorter board are more manuverable, but are much more sensitive to weight transfer and overall stability.

The width of our paddle boards is usually between 27"- 33", depending on the style. Wider boards offer better stability and narrow boards give you better speed and performance. Nose width and tail width are also factors that make a difference in your board's design and performance. A wider nose makes paddling easier and a narrower nose enhances maneuverability, especially in larger surf. The wider the tail the more stable your board will feel at slow speeds. Narrow tail width makes it easier to turn at higer speeds. Your boards "thickness" is one of the most important aspects of the design. Beginners may want a thicker board, due to added floatation and stability. A more advanced surfer may choose a thinner board for custom performance reasons.

Your boards "rails" are also something to consider when choosing a custom board. Fuller rails provide more floatation when leaned on an edge, whereas thinner rails makes it easier to sink when leaned on. The thinner the rails edge, the cleaner the water breaks from the board...making your board quicker and looser when making turns. Thicker rails resist being leaned on, making a for smoother, less responsive turns. When creating a custom board, we'll also discuss fins, number of fins, fin placement, etc. The fin configuration you choose will also determine your board's performance and handling.

If you have questions about what you want, and how your level of experience may factor into your design choices...we are here to give you answers and help you get the BEST possible custom board possible!

Pros like Dave Kalama use Dave Peterson's  glass shop to build all his custom boards on Maui, as well as top shapers like Bill Foote and Tom Parrish.  

Our stand up paddle boards are not cheap "China Made" planks. They're custom made to fit your needs and the design & color options are only limited by your imagination and your performance needs. Our custom boards may take longer to create than something "off the shelf", but to an avid surfer, this is the only way to go!

DPMaui has a full service work shop where we create and fine tune your board. If you would like color on your board we can do most anything...from airbrushing to pigment lamination, foam stains and custom grapics. If you don't know exactly "what" you want in the way of color or graphics, just let us know and we'll explain your options.

To order a Custom Board, CLICK HERE to contact us, and we will get back to you to discuss your needs and formulate a price quote within 24 hours!

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DP Maui Custom Surfboards
DP Maui Custom Surfboards
DP Maui Custom Surfboards

DP Maui Custom Surfboards



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