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The shark on the logo was added in 2012 after Dave was knocked off his 9'6"standup board he was riding on a dawn patrol the morning of Oct. 18, 2012, by a 12 foot Tiger shark. The shark hit the board so hard it knocked Dave off his board and he landed on the back of the shark. Because of the special sandwich construction of that particular board, the shark was unable to bite through the board and it's teeth actually got stuck in the board, which gave Dave time to roll off the back of the beast, and with his paddle still in hand, Dave beat the shark over the head a few times until it released the board and turned back at Dave. He had to put his hands on the head of the shark to keep himself away from the mouth as it swam by him. Then, the shark swam away and Dave climbed back on his board and saw the teeth marks on the deck of his board and paddled back to the beach and notified the lifeguards, who then closed the beaches. And that is how the shark got on the logo.

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